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My philosophy

My philosophy is grounded in a concept I call Elemental Grief™.


Unlike traditional grief, which typically focuses on the immediate experience of loss and its aftermath, Elemental Grief™ delves into the deeper, often unspoken fears we harbor about potential future losses.


It's the fear of losing what we hold dear—such as loved ones, cherished places, or even aspects of ourselves—that shapes our present emotions and actions.

This form of grief is elemental in the sense that it taps into fundamental human fears, where individuals are recklessly driven by their attachments and will to survive.


Examples of things many people fear losing include, but are not limited to: 


1. Jobs;

2. Access to healthy food;

3. Safety;

4. Loving relationships, and;

5. Life.

My work examines the societal implications of widespread unexplored fear of loss, and how it is the foundation of systemic oppression. And, I create a customized approach for specific groups or individuals.

For individuals: I guide individuals with social privilege in exploring their relationship with Elemental Grief™ through my anti-racist allyship certification program. In the training, I support them in exploring and working through their fear of losing the benefits of privilege. By healing their own Elemental Grief™ they are able to minimize the perpetuation of systemic trauma and transform their grief to create effective anti-racist and DE&I practices.


For organizations: I administer educational workshops, consulting, and coaching to support those with social and racial privilege on a larger scale, helping them to understand the inherent grief that comes with loss—specifically when losing privilege for the sake of equity. By addressing these issues at the root, we not only foster individual growth and awareness but also catalyze shifts in workplace culture. Through our work, organizations can proactively confront retention issues by creating environments that acknowledge and validate the experiences of all employees. By cultivating empathy, understanding, and inclusivity, we empower individuals to develop innovative solutions for tangible change, resulting in workplaces that are not only diverse but also truly equitable and supportive for all.


For universities: I offer the Grief Alchemy™ Fellowship Program to help students deepen their self-awareness and learn to take a grief-informed approach to social transformation.


My ultimate wish is to live in a world where the burden of grief is not unfairly shouldered by other communities, thus minimizing marginalization.

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