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The Grief AlchemyTM Fellowship Program

Transforming Social Grief into Empowerment

The Grief AlchemyTM Fellowship Program

What is Grief Alchemy™?
Grief Alchemy™ is a transformative training program designed for students at universities, offering a unique approach to addressing their relationship with grief and fear of loss. Through deepened self-awareness and a grief-informed approach to social transformation, students are equipped to harness the power of their emotions for effective anti-racist and DE&I practices. Upon successful completion, students are awarded a certificate as certified Grief Alchemists™, empowering them to train others in this compassionate approach.

Why Grief Alchemy™ for students?
Students may be unaware of their suffering. Often, students navigate their academic journeys without recognizing the underlying suffering they may carry. This unconscious state of being can act as a barrier, inhibiting their capacity to engage in meaningful change-making efforts, both on campus and in their personal lives. By addressing this lack of awareness and providing tools for self-reflection, students can acknowledge and confront their hidden struggles, unlocking their potential for personal growth and social impact.
Moving through grief can help students align their personal journeys with their broader goals of social change. Many students possess a vision of social transformation rooted in ideals of equity, justice, and inclusivity. However, their unexplored relationship with grief and fear of loss can present a fundamental contradiction to this vision, manifesting in unrealistic expectations for themselves and others, the pursuit of ideological purity, performative justice, and other behaviors that hinder genuine social transformation. Without addressing these emotional barriers, students may find themselves grappling with internal conflicts that hinder their ability to translate their aspirations into tangible actions.
We empower students to explore and confront challenging topics surrounding grief and social transformation within a safe and inclusive space. The delivery method of our training program is carefully crafted to align with the environmental ethos prevalent within university settings. Recognizing the importance of creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment, we employ pedagogical approaches that foster collaboration, dialogue, and introspection.
We provide students with a clear sense of purpose and accomplishment as they navigate their transformative learning experience. At Grief Alchemy™, we understand the value of tangible markers of achievement in motivating and inspiring students along their journey. Through our program, students have the opportunity to work towards a concrete goal: the attainment of certification as certified Grief Alchemists™. This certification not only signifies their dedication to personal growth and social change but also serves as a visible testament to their expertise and commitment.

Beyond these personal shifts, Grief Alchemy™ offers numerous benefits to student participants, allowing them to:

Cultivate self-awareness and enable students to embody the social transformation they desire to see in the world.
Recognize personal influence and help fellow students understand how their being influences the effectiveness of their actions.
Shift from action to being and guide other students from intellectualizing and theory to embodying social change.

Following these transformative experiences, students emerge from the program equipped with the skills and mindset needed to effect positive societal shifts.

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