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Apply for the Healing White grief: an anti-racist allyship training program

Starts October 30th

In this 6-week professional development certificate training, students learn how to engage their relationship to grief so they can actionably minimize the grief and suffering experienced by Black communities



You’ve heard of White guilt.


You probably empathize with what Dr. Corinne Galgay calls, “White shame."


But, what about White grief?

Typically, when we reference grief work about anti-Blackness, people think about the grief experienced by those oppressed by White Supremacy.

It is equally important for White Americans to consider how their unexplored grief amplifies the suffering of Black people.

It's cli·ché to say, "Hurt people hurt people," but things that become overused often have a seed of truth.

Ultimately, the institutional suffering inflicted upon Black communities cannot be addressed until White Americans can come to terms with their own relationship to grief and suffering.

What's included

Weekly 90-minute workshops (live)

Weekly office hours

Practical worksheets

​*Certificate earned upon completion

*May be eligible for your company's professional development reimbursement

Learn more before applying

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